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General Info 

We are pleased you are visiting our website, and it is our wish that your journey within The Craft is a rewarding and fulfilling one. 

If you are looking for a Coven in the Middle Tennessee area, we hope that you will consider The Order of the Dark Rose in your options. 

The info we have provided below is a basic overview about our Coven, and we also welcome you to visit our social media links below to interact with us on a more daily basis. 

We regularly have Seeker events, which are open to those of you who are considering joining our Coven, and if you have already met us, and/or are ready to proceed forward with joining The Order, please fill out the JOIN US form and we will reach out to you.

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General Overview about The Order of the Dark Rose

The Order of the Dark Rose is a Witchcraft Coven located in Middle Tennessee, and based in Murfreesboro, TN. with easy access to and from Nashville, TN. 

We are an Eclectic Pagan Coven, and we welcome all Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches. 

Although our focus is primarily the practice of Witchcraft, and the celebration and honor of Nature, we also endorse and utilize ancient Pagan beliefs in our rituals. 

We practice ritual ceremonial magic, and although we have a lot of fun within The Coven, we also embrace the silence during a ritual as we interact with, and honor the Gods.

We are a Coven that likes to be involved in the Pagan community, and we are a Coven that celebrates the Sabbats and Esbats as we move through the Wheel of the Year. 

Within The Order of the Dark Rose, we focus on the balance of the Light and the Darkness in our rituals, for without one, we cannot have the other. Positivity and happiness is a regular part of our Coven activities and Rituals, but we also believe in the power of darker magic when the circumstances call for, and/or dictate that necessity. 

We embrace creativity, and honor each other, just as we honor the Gods within this Coven. 

We celebrate life, honor our ancestors, pay tribute to nature, and the bounty it provides to our life, as we show homage to the Gods during our rituals. 

It is our goal within The Order of the Dark Rose, to provide a safe, and enjoyable atmosphere in which we all can gather, learn, and celebrate together as we work within the Craft. 

If this describes what you are looking for within a Coven in Middle Tennessee, please reach out to us via the contact form below and our HP or HPS will be in contact with you soon! 

We look forward to meeting you and celebrating with you as you progress on your path! 

Contact The Order 

Join us on social media and reach out there as well. 

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