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Join Us

Looking to Join our Coven? 

We are pleased that you have decided to look into joining The Order of the Dark Rose. 

If you have not read the general info about our Coven, we encourage you to do so before filling out the form. 

If you are ready to take the next step in joining our Coven, please fill out the form on this page. 


Please include your legal name, and you can also include your magickal name. 

Please include the city you reside in currently, a good phone number to text/call, and a valid email address. 

We will primarily communicate with you via email.

We also ask that you provide as much info as possible about your path, and what you are looking to achieve within this Coven. 

All submissions will be reviewed by the Elders, and any form submitted without your legal contact info will be declined for membership. 

Notice to all applicants

The Order of the Dark Rose 

does not discriminate under any circumstance, and we also do not tolerate abuse in any form. 

Do NOT inquire about joining if you do not agree and if you are not able to abide by these guidelines. 

The privacy of each member within this Coven is of the upmost importance and all members are expected to keep any and all info confidential. 

There are no exceptions to these rules. 

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